What’s the differences between merchant version

and personal version of Alipay and Wechat Pay?


The merchant version supports cross-border and local payment.

The personal version only supports transferring money not paying, and there are strict limitations on transferring money.

The merchant version allows the payment be made by both Chinese customers and local customers, and the settlement will be made in local currency.


The API is open for online stores by merchant version.

There is no API provided to personal version of Alipay/Wechat Pay for online merchants. and it cannot connect with the order system of online stores.

The merchant version has a complete API interface to support online stores access in.


More service functions provided by merchant version.

ScanForPay develops and customizes more functions for you on the technical interface provided by Alipay/WeChat Pay/Local wallets, such as: providing settlement statements, multi-store and multi-user management, business statistics, and etc.


Merchant version allows users to pay in credit cards, Huabei, and other credit ways, which the personal version cannot.


Alipay/WeChat Pay users in mainland who spend overseas through the merchant version do not occupy the annual foreign exchange withdrawal limit of US$50,000 per person. There are not too much foreign exchange restrictions on the transaction amount during consumption.