For. Online Shop Payment: How can we do

payment by using ScanForPay?

If you want to use Alipay/WeChat Pay/local wallet to do payment on your website, ScanForPay will provide the relevant interface to you.

For PC website

When the customer places an order on your website successfully, and choose Alipay/WeChat Pay/Local Wallet to pay:

      A. The QR code for payment will be displayed on the website;

      B. The customer opens Alipay/WeChat payment/local e-wallet and scans the QR code to complete the payment;

      C. The website will automatically jump to the successful payment page.

For H5 mobile site

If you are a mobile site, such as fast food ordering, your users can use the following methods to make payments after accessing Alipay/WeChat Pay/local wallet:

      A. The customer places an order on your mobile site and chooses Alipay/WeChat Pay/local wallet to pay;

      B. Customer logs in to Alipay/WeChat Pay/local wallet;

      C. Customer confirms the payment information and pays;

      D. Payment completed.

In-APPs Payment

In-APP payment allows merchants to add Alipay/WeChat pay/local wallet payment methods to their iOS/Android applications:

      A. The customer places an order in your App and chooses Alipay/WeChat Pay/local wallet to pay;

      B. The page will jump to the Alipay/WeChat Pay/local wallet application on the customer’s mobile phone. The
          customer needs to confirm the payment information, and then make the payment;

      C. Payment successfully.