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Better payments, unlimited opportunities

Our super-connected technology makes payment seamless and so much more.

Get faster, more reliable transactions. Higher conversions. Unbeatable insight and flexibility.

One-Stop Service

We support dozen kinds of wallet such as Alipay, Wechat Pay, Paynow, Dash and etc., including the most popular mobile payment, to solve your payment problems in one stop. We provide payment solutions for both online and offline merchants.

PC Checkout

PC checkout could be used combined with existing computer and/or scanning gun in store.

APP Checkout

The payment could be made at anytime and anywhere.

Online Checkout

One more payment choice for your online store.

Multiple Industries and Apply for Free

Our service staff would help to submit the application and you can use it within one week. All you need to do is contact us NOW.

Our payments solution can be accessed by various industries such E-commerce, Restaurants,Entertainment and Games,Transportation,Education,Consulting Services,Hotel Accommodation and Convenience Supermarkets.

Entertainment and Games
Consulting Services
Hotel Accommodation
Convenience Supermarkets
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Low Rate, Simple Required Materials and Fast Settlement

The exclusive preferential rates provided by ScanForPay will bring more business opportunities to you.

The fastest settlement period is T+1!

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Now we have covered 6 areas and,16 mobile wallets

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