Error Code

Response code Response message Description
1 transaction success
2 transaction failure
3 request is illegal, user is not authorized
4 request parameter error, can not be empty
5 request parameter error, illegitimate
6 request data is not a valid JSON format
7 merchant order number and payment order number can not be empty at the same time
8 signature is invalid
9 There is an unknown error in the system. Please try again later
20 verifies the failure of the receipt agency's signature
21 gets the payment result over time, the state of the transaction is unknown
22 request receipt unit failed, please try again
30 orders do not exist
31 order duplicate creation
32 order status is illegal
33 order has been closed
34 transaction is not allowed to be cancelled
35 refund amount exceeds refundable amount
40 please open Alipay or WeChat for payment
41 please pay with Alipay
42 please pay with WeChat
43 merchants did not open the account for the receipt.
44 merchants did not open the payment type.

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